Objectives EDU2013-41974-P

The objectives of the project are:

Obj.G.1. Analyze the models of use of the technologies for the evaluation of the apprenticeships in the Practicum of all the degrees of the Faculty of Education Sciences in Spain.

Obj.G.2. Study the models and evaluation processes of learning through eRúbrica in the Practicum.

Obj.G.3. Analyze the communication generated with eRúbrica between the students with the tutors in the University and the centers of practices on the understanding of the competences and evidences evaluated in the Practicum.

Obj.G.4. Development of training services and products to federate companies and practice centers with initial training institutions.

Expected results:

to. Evaluation of the supervision model.

b. Scientific publications on the tutorship model and technology-mediated communication between tutors in the university, tutors in the centers and students.

c. An international portal of resources for supervisors and tutors where they can access training programs in massive formats and use the eRúbrica service for formative evaluation.

d. Strengthen the network of Spanish and international institutions associated with the project that allows us to propose new and future projects.

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